Application to submit PhD Thesis by compilation

CHM/CoS Requirements for a Thesis by Compilation

A thesis by Compilation allows a candidate to submit his / her thesis for examination by published work. The number of publications is not prescriptive due to disciplinary variability, however should include at least three publications of which the majority are first author.

The request for submission of a Thesis by Compilation may be submitted for examination according to the requirement specified in the ANU HDR – Thesis by Compilation and Thesis by Creative Works procedure.

The submission of this form of thesis must be endorsed by the supervisory panel normally more than 12 months prior to submission and no later than 6 months prior to submission

Subsequent to endorsement by the supervisory panel, the application for submission of a thesis by compilation requires approval by the Delegated Authority on the attached application form.

The University procedure also requires a detailed ‘statement of contribution’ is included and bound into the thesis at the time of submission.

This statement must detail the contribution to each paper, and include an agreement to the contribution statement and the inclusion of the paper by coauthors, a template is attached.

To ensure this requirement is followed, the statement must be endorsed by the supervisor and the Delegated Authority before submission of the thesis.

[SEE: Thesis by Compilation Application & Thesis by Compilation_Statement of Contribution forms]


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