Publication & presentation opportunities

Find more information about how and when you can share your research.

Please note that the best resource to help you is your academic supervisor and any post-graduate students you may have worked with.

Options for all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students

  • ANU Student Research Conference: The two-day conference in July includes oral and poster presentations by current undergraduate, Honours and postgraduate coursework students of ANU and workshops hosted by ANU learning communities.
  • ANU Open Research Repository in the Student Output Collection: Coursework students at The Australian National University (ANU) can now publish their research in the University’s Open Research Repository, which provides a dedicated digital space for the research outputs of ANU undergraduate, Honours and postgraduate coursework students.  The repository is a project between Student Experience and Career Development and the ANU Library.

Options for undergraduate and Honours students

  • ANU Undergraduate Research Journal: AURJ selects and reviews undergraduate essay submissions across a wide range of fields.  One issue a year is produced and can be accessed online at no cost.  You can see the 2016 issue here.
  • The Human Voyage: Undergraduate Research in Biological Anthropology is a journal that publishes outstanding student articles in all areas of biological anthropology, including primatology, palaeoanthropology, bioarchaeology and human behavioural ecology. While the primary goal of this journal is to publish work of the highest quality authored by undergraduate students, it will also educate students in regards to publishing in academia. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and edited by ANU academic staff.

Undergraduate research organisations & conferences

  • Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR): CUR is a non-profit organization based in the United States that supports and encourages undergraduate research opportunities.  While most of their activities focus on faculty and institutional development, they sponsor two annual student events that offer undergraduates the opportunity to present their research, the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and Posters on the Hill.
  • Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) is a non-profit association in New South Wales, Australia whose mission is is to promote and advance the spread of undergraduate research in Australasia. ACUR publishes URNA (Undergraduate Research News Australasia), a newsletter designed to provide information about developments, upcoming events, and resources on engaging undergraduates in research and inquiry.   ACUR also holds conferences and events, including an annual Conference and periodic Posters in Parliament.

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