Bachelor & Honours research

Bachelor & Honours research

Research options at ANU

Science Undergraduate Research Degrees

Advanced 4 year programs incorporating an Honours year

Bachelor of Science (Honours)

The Bachelors of Science (Honours) is 1 year of advanced work in a selected field of study after you finish your coursework degree.

Undergraduate Courses with Research

Some research schools offer undergraduates the opportunity to participate in research projects through a course in the third year or through a field school. Here are some examples of third-year projects:

Selected field schools:

ANU Summer Research Scholarship Program

The Summer Research Scholarship Program gives undergraduates the chance to explore research and see what an Honours year or postgraduate degree would involve.  You can find links for school's summer programs on College Research links.

  • Applications open from August 1-August 30.
  • 8-week program runs from late-November to late January.
  • Scholarships include travel, housing, and a weekly allowance.
  • Eligibility: 3rd-year Undergraduates and Honours students at Australian or New Zealand universities. Individual ANU Colleges/academic areas may also consider students from other countries.
  • Summer Research Internship placements cannot count towards academic credit.

Volunteer Research Assistant

Some researchers welcome volunteers in the research group. Talk to your schools' undergraduate convenor or honours convenor for ideas or approach a researcher directly! See Finding a research supervisor for help.

Research options outside of ANU

This is not a comprehensive list, but it's meant to give you an idea of the types of opportunities that exist. Your best resource for options in your field of study is other members of your academic community, such as lecturers and postgraduates.

Vacation Research Programs at other Australian Universities

Please check each program to see if the opportunity is running.  

Vacation Research Programs at Australian Government Agencies

Additional Vacation Research Programs

Opportunities in the USA

Since there are major differences between the Australian and USA academic calendars, be sure to check that any USA program dates are compatible with your academic plans.