postgraduate research

Postgraduate research

Master (Coursework) Degrees

Master (Coursework) degrees are 2-year degrees that include substantial coursework and may include a research project or paper.  Students may have the opportunity to participate in research projects through a field course or a field school.  A few examples are shown below.

Selected courses with research opportunities:

Master (Advanced) Degrees

Master (Advanced) degrees are 2 year-degrees that include both coursework and a research project that is written into a thesis.

  • The research project builds on the knowledge and skills that you have learned in the coursework component of the program.  During your research project, you will be embedded in the academic group in which you work; the combined coursework and research provide a pathway to PhD study either in Australia or internationally.
  • Students are required to nominate a research project and find an academic supervisor. See finding a supervisor for more information.

You can find more information in the Masters Handbook