Safe Work Australia - Protecting Australian Workers from Infectious Diseases and Hazardous Chemicals

Assist an Australian government agency to reduce the risks of hazardous chemicals and infectious diseases.

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Fri, Apr 1 2022, 10pm - Thu, Apr 14 2022, 3am
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Credit : For credit

Safe Work Australia is an Australian government statutory agency. We develop national policy on work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements to protect the health and safety of 13 million Australian workers.

Our vision is to achieve healthier, safer and more productive workplaces through improvements to Australian work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements. We believe that all workers, regardless of their occupation or how they are engaged, have the right to a healthy and safe working environment.

We have a tripartite structure, and our Members represent the interests of the Commonwealth, states and territories, workers and employers. This is unique in Australia and means that our work has a national impact.


Internship details
Availability Winter or Semester 2, 2022
  • Chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Public Health
  • Science Communication
  • Undergraduate 2nd or 3rd year
  • Postgraduate coursework
Open to international students No
Preferred project skills
  • Literature review skills (including search, analysis and synthesis of scientific literature)
  • Written communication skills
Clearances required Baseline security clearance
Host supervisor
  • Leanne McCauley, Director Chemicals Policy and Workplace Exposure Standards Review Section (E:; Ph: (02) 6121 3428)


    Sam Hamilton, Director Occupational Diseases and Hygiene Policy Section (E:; Ph: (02) 6121 3906)


Safe Work Australia Office

Level 7, 2 Phillip Law St

Acton, ACT

Project opportunities/benefits for the intern

Gain insight into the opportunities for scientists in the Australian Public Service and an understanding of the important role scientists play in public policy and regulation of work health and safety


We are looking for one or two students with strong research and analytical skills to support our work on the risks of hazardous chemicals and infectious diseases. This will involve undertaking reviews on particular topics and developing communications material.

The work of the Chemicals, Occupational Hygiene and High Risk Work Policy Branch is diverse and projects can be tailored depending on your background and interests. Some of our current projects include:

  • Reviewing the Workplace Exposure Standards for around 700 chemicals and chemical groups, and communicating the results of this review to employers and workers
  • Assessing regulatory and non-regulatory options to reduce exposures to silica dust in workplaces
  • Improving employers’ and workers’ awareness of the risks associated with hazardous chemicals
  • Developing guidance on minimising the risks of COVID-19 in workplaces


Protecting Australian Workers from Infectious Diseases and Hazardous Chemicals